Getting to know you and your business better.

There are so much that we do not know about each other.

I'll begin by asking questions about you and your

business. What is your favorite color and food? There are 

no right or wrong answers.

My questions involve understanding your business objectives rather than designs goals. From that, I'll help transform your business goals into designs.

Design Process

You might be thinking of ‘How do you work?’ ‘What is the 

process like?’ And, you might not have time to set up a call.If 

that’s you, you are in the right place.

Data Driven

Every design choice is made

based on data and current trend

to ensure familarity. 

Feedback Driven

Feedback driven collaboration

to yield better result and ensure 

vision intact.


Schedule Standup calls to keep everyone updated of the



Setting up the first steps and planning ahead.

Setting Up Milestones

From the initial discussions, I'll will find out more

about your budget time frame and requirements. We 

will break down our usual processes and specify

deliverables and milestones into the number of days.

It will look something like this: Initial wireframe, Day 4

- 6. You will know where your budget went.

Communication Channel

We'll touch base over Slack. The tools I use are Jira, and Trello for tracking work progresses. Google Drive, Dropbox or Box for file sharing. Sketch, InVision, Marvel app or Figma for designs and prototyping.


Translating business goals and ideas into designs.

Discovery And Understanding

I begin by breaking down the initial objective, which might be, you want your audience to take action, increase sales or reduce hassles. Here is where we draft and break down your customer profiles and connect them to your business. Defining their personas and problems, leading them to your solutions.

Putting The Ideas Together

After discovery, I will begin designing initials design flows and sketches that help illustrate the ideas. You will get to see the visuals of the user journeys that connects you and your customers. These initial visuals will serve as wireframes before the complete design process.


Testing designs and making improvements.

Prototype & Design

After creating the wireframes, I will create user flows prototype via an interactive journey that allows you to click and play around with the flows. From the prototype, higher fidelity designs will replace the layouts and wireframes for public view.


The prototype allows us to test your products with your stakeholders, early access customers or anyone before going live. From that, gathering valuable feedbacks and making continuous improvements upon improvements.


Finally, after iterations, the handover process arrives. 


After checking out the designs for the final time, I will hand over the entire assets, files and documentation via DropBox, Box or Google Drive.

Feedback & Touchbase 

Once in a while, we will keep in touch to check on your progress and company to make sure everything is doing fine.

I love collaborating with ambitious brands and people; I'd love to build something great together.

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