My name is Kemberly Eliscar, and I am a Full-Stack Product Designer.

As a Product Designer my goal is to help create enjoyable and innovative user experiences. With knowledge of three web development stacks and training as a UX Designer, I value products that are user-focused and strive to be insightful in all aspects of their design.

With experience creating full stack applications in Javascript, React, Node.js, SQL, GraphQL,  and understanding of the product design process, I can provide input and feedback about the functionality of a feature, the code behind it, as well as its value to a clients experience.

I love well designed things and the process of creating them. When I am not at the computer I can be found toying with photography, journaling, or trying out a new recipe. Any part of creating something gets me excited; if you need help building a thoughtful web application, I would love to help.

My strengths include: 

Business Strategy

Utilizing tools like the business model canvas to help companies innovate beyond product and technology.

Product Market Fit

Using lean methodologies to prototype and validate a market's appetite for a product or service.

Customer Discovery

Teaching best practices for qualitative customers research thinking principles.

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